Saturday, June 28, 2008

The story of a passionate life

Besides passionate living Teszler's life offers valuable lessons in compassion and courage .

Ben has created an invaluable treasure in articulating his learnings from Teszler and sharing them. 

Thursday, June 19, 2008


The lift in my office building is superfast . The doors close in a matter of seconds . There is no sensor that keeps the doors open if a person is in between the doors or very near it.

It's fascinating to see the impatience of folks using the lift . When someone gets off at a floor a lot of the folks would press the close button and make impatient sounds in the 2 seconds it takes for the doors to close .

A symptom of the modern day society - where everything must happen immediately , gratification needed this very instant , one is always in a rush to get to someplace . The present is a means to an end to the future . Even if that future is the next instant and headed nowhere .

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Goodbye Adidas

Needed a pair of sports shoes . For years I have been buying Adidas shoes as my experience (UT) of the quality and the range had been terrific . From the time I bought the last pair a lot has clearly changed at Adidas .
* UT = until today

Visited a store near my house and found that they had a very small selection of shoes which looked a lot like each other . And the 1-2 styles that seemed worth a closer look did not fit . Thereafter I decided to visit a larger Adidas store where I was sure I’d find my next pair of shoes . The women’s range in this store was marginally more than the first store . As I stood there and looked at the display I noticed that the total collection of shoes was pretty vast . A closer look revealed that most of the styles on display were for men . Approximately 119 styles for men. And about 60 styles (incl slippers and floaters) for women . The disparity in numbers was not a problem . The issue was the lack of meaningful variety and hence options in the women’s range . Adidas has assumed that women will only want shoes which have a white base with some predictable colors like pink , blue etc . No women’s shoes with darker colors that can survive a mud track jog . Women will daintily walk on a treadmill in a closed environment . And they will only want shoes with white color near the base of the shoe . 

This line of thinking is unfortunately not limited to Adidas . A lot of companies in various product categories apply stereotypes when designing products for women (at least in India ) . 

Watch companies will make a vast range of ornate watches for women. Too bad if you want a simple , sleek style with Roman numerals . Unless one is willing to pay the premium for brands like Longines , Tissot or Rado you have to accept a compromise if your design preference in a watch veers towards sleek , classic styles .

The ranges of several Indian clothing brands appear to be designed by men who have been given a rigid brief (by men) on what women want . I often find myself looking at the ranges in stores and wonder ‘who is the target consumer for this range ? ’.

Coming back to the shoes….I finally managed to get a pair at Nike . It was one of the unisex styles in which they thankfully had a small size . A choice aided by the fit and the fact that I don’t have the time to make shoe search into a hobby . I’m not ecstatic about the color . It fits well , feels terrific and promises to make long walks easy on the knees . 

Goodbye Adidas…

Learning of the day – while shopping for sports shoes carry a pair of socks to avoid having to use the pair at the store which they give to everyone who wants to try the shoes . I suppose this would qualify as 'wisdom through experience ' :) 

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Natural Light to illuminate buildings

In an earlier post I had written the hope for buildings to be illuminated with the least amount of bulbs .

Needless to say it warmed my heart to see a piece in the More Inspiration website about a Japanese company that is pioneering the use of natural light to illuminate buildings 

Monday, June 9, 2008

Changing seasons

The monsoon has begun in full earnest in Bombay . Hot sunny days have given way to cool breeze and near incessant rain . The sky is a magnificent kaleidoscope with ever changing patterns . 
(not all residents of Bombay will agree with this description of the advent of monsoon . Traffic jams , waterlogged areas are an aspect of the monsoon here ! With all it's challenges it is a glorious season )

As George Santanya aptly be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring.