Friday, February 24, 2012

Relive Joy

There's an ad for Dish TV which shows a college student glued to his TV in the hostel room . India wins a match . He jumps up in glee and starts celebrating. His sleepy , irritable room mate asks him to shut up. At which point a third guy enters the scene and asks why he is objecting to his friend celebrating India's victory ? To which the sleepy guy replies that the actual match happened weeks ago . This guy keeps watching the recorded version and celebrates noisily each time !:)

Most of us relive some aspects of our past . We have a default internal programming to relive past sorrows.

Let's take a cue from the ad and heartily relive joys . Wise folks across ages counsel us to live in the present. But if we must make a trip into the past - let the destination be the joyous moments.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Drop Litter :)

We all need bins like this :)

One of the several creative installations at the Kala Bhoda 2012 festival .