Friday, November 20, 2009

Tread lightly

Spring cleaning of a cupboard by a family member yielded a file with various original documents of my school and college education, early phase of my working career. It was a surprise partly because I thought the file was in one of my cupboards . A reminder perhaps that locations are relative :)

Going through the papers evoked many memories. Some of them not so pleasant considering that they pertained to exams and a rigid educational system. Considering that my last encounter with the edu. system was years ago I have the benefit of distance to allow for a certain perspective. Some of papers represented turning points in my life that set me off on a journey that led to the present moment.

At one time these certificates , scholarships were cherished possessions that symbolized accomplishment. Today , it's a file of old papers from a bygone era. A reminder that what one seeks today will one day have a very different meaning at some point .

Tread lightly and mindfully.