Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Trust Economy

Witnessed an amazing interaction at a phone store next to a doctor's dispensary . A lady who works as a domestic help came to the store with her relative who had recently moved to Mumbai. She told the store owner that the doctor takes guarantee for this man (i.e his credit worthiness ). Pl allow him to buy a phone with the option of paying Rs 1000 per month. The store owner thought about it for 30 seconds and nodded his assent to the sales person to show phone options. She disappeared next door and came back to ask if the store owner would like to speak with the doctor. He said it was not necessary. Elated with the solution the lady and her relative went about the task of selecting the phone.

This was obviously not a transaction between unrelated individuals . The store owner knows the doctor. Both have been neighbors for years. The store owner seemed to have a fleeting acquaintance with the lady.

Simply wonderful that all of these individuals chose to reach out and connect - resulting in solutions. For the person who had moved to Mumbai - this would have eased his relocation (the phone would be easily a month's salary or more for him ).

Seemingly small actions that make a world of difference - fostering faith in community , bringing tangible benefits to all involved - the person was able to make the purchase , the store got a sale that would have otherwise been impossible , the person gets to stay connected with his family. Not counting the joy of the duo who made the purchase.

Choose to create and participate in the trust economy !:)