Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Letter to Fedex

text of a letter sent to Fedex India .
Dear Fedex representative ,

This is with ref to our telecon today .

We are an account holder with Fedex . For every parcel sent we get a separate , 2 page invoice .
I understand post our telecon that the invoices are raised on weekly basis .This is resulting in excessive documentation , wastage of physical resources , time and cost .

All other couriers raise monthly invoices .In 2 pages entire month’s details get listed with approx 30-50 parcel details .Whereas Fedex sends a 2 page invoice even if only one parcel was sent .
This practice alone results in :

- Wastage of paper
- cost of couriering an invoice each week .
- The wastage of energy and human resources in that envelope getting delivered and
received ( fuel consumed to transport the document , human effort involved )
- Then we have to keep track of multiple invoices , send a cheque . Starting the reverse chain of courier – again with wastage of physical and human resources.

All of this is unnecessary , damaging to the environment as well as consuming excessive human resources in terms of time and efforts .

Non-document parcels –Fedex insists on 8 copies of invoice !!!! That’s 6 too many .This is an environmental hazard !!

We urge Fedex India to urgently relook at this processes and change them to be sensitive to the environment as well it’s customers .

Frankly , this sort of thoughtless wastage could have been understood if the company was a small courier company .But it is incomprehensible when it comes from a large corporation like Fedex which is said to a leader in the courier business .

One would ,in fact, expect a company like Fedex to take a leadership stance and set an inspiring example of environment friendly practices .

Just because something is not captured in an invoice does not mean that it involves no cost or consumption of resources .Neither should a practice be perpetuated simply because ‘ we’ve always done it that way or this comes to us from our Head Office or all our computer systems are based on this logic currently ' .

I hope you will take this matter up with concerned people at your office and change the processes suitably .


sunlit said...

8 COPIES, apalling!

Greenpeace India need to point fingers at Fedex along with the Rich in India...see article here:
Rich Indians pollute more:

Savitha Rao said...

Yes. Especially because the impact that companies like Fedex can make with even small changes is enormous .
Assuming the company generates 1 million invoices in India per year-reducing 1 page per invoice will mean a a saving of a million papers.
Likewise reducing invoices from 8 to 2 copies will save 6 million sheets of paper ( assuming the million invoices were for non-document parcels for which they collected 8 copies of the invoice).
And this is just in India . Imagine the benefits of altering the system in all the countries that Fedex operates in . The fuel and paper savings will make for a greener planet .