Friday, January 18, 2008

Good should get better..not worse

Came across the requirements for a Japanese visa (clicking on this link will take you to the page with various sections. See the section single entry visa for temporary visitors ) . What used to be a simple process is now complex beyond comprehension . Makes the US visa process look customer friendly in comparision.
Among other things the visa process requires that the Japanese company issuing the invitation letter should send it by courier ( cost , energy wastage in transporting a document across the globe when it can be received digitally via email in a secure way ) . Multiple entry visas will be issued only if either the applicant or inviting company is listed on the stock exchange of their respective country . What possible connection can that have to the need for a multiple entry visa ? And as a criteria for a visa - what purpose does a stock exchange listing serve ?
Quite odd that Japan chose to make it's visa regulations into a barrier . Already Japan is a challenging market for most nations . It's language and culture already pose a Wall of China..correction Great Wall of Japan. The visa documentation is so complex that it would be a challenge for the inviting company to prepare the necessary documents . Not to mention the problems for the applicant .
In it's quest to expand trade with the world Japan could make a small start in reforming it's visa procedures .

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