Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What can one person do ?

As part of a larger society there is a strong tendency on part of individuals to cede power to a nameless , amorphous collective . Whether the subject is the infrastructure of the city one resides in , global climate change , rising consumerism , values in the work place or any other matter ."What can one person do ?" Such fatalism quickly becomes self fulfilling prophesy and serves to perpetuate status quo (if not make matters worse ). In an era where promises of instant gratification jump out of every advertisement somewhere it probably has the unforeseen consequence making a person feel that changes must also come forth rapidly (if not instantly) and if not - the issue is not worth persevering with or I can't /won't persevere with this.
* issue refers to matters that extend beyond the individual

In an interconnected universe ( no reference to globalization or the internet ) every action and non-action makes a difference . 

In every quarter of the planet progress on any matter has been enabled / catalyzed by one individual who enrolled another and eventually a group whose collective action was seen as change/revolution/progress. The contribution may vary from outlining a vision , reaching out in support , inspiring through action , bringing hope , joy , love...... Like the innumerable ripples in water created by a stone an individual's action makes a difference beyond the span of individual vision ( and sometimes lifetime).

Millions in our world don't have access to education , health care , opportunities . People who do have the responsibility to look beyond the borders of their individual life and make a (positive) difference.

Coming back to the question "What can one person do ? " 

A lot .

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True.If you peep into history, major transformations or breakthrough, whether good or bad, have occured owing to a single man.
And then others have followed..