Monday, September 15, 2008

Say it..NOW

If you want to extend a helping hand or say a kind word , don't wait . Do it now.

A philosophy that can extend to all life situations . Kindness not just as highlighted in the article above . Everyday kindness that brightens up the world for everyone connected . 


Anonymous said...

Kindness and Light- a poem for Aladdin

I get hard of heart sometimes
And construct walls of pain and hurt

Self-worth is questionable
Doubts are pervasive

Thoughts of failure and
Not being enough swell in my brain

Then having sensed my need
someone prays for me and sends their love
my feebleness begins to dim

An unknown champion has refueled me and
in that moment all is well
Kindness and light from far away have
Rekindled my spirit

Savitha Rao said...


Anonymous said...

why the urge to help?

what does one get by acts of kindness?

eternal million dollar questions!

the most balanced finding that has stood the test of time has been-

i do it bcoz i feel whole and complete..
i give, love, reach out, contribute, persevere, make anew .. bcoz i respect my thoughts and feelings..

nirmalprabha bordoloi's says it beautifully:

keep patch of the forest in your bosom, to give the shade to rest in,
keep a bit of the sky in your bosom, where two birds for once can fly alone...