Sunday, December 20, 2009


Browsing through a book store I noticed a copy of 'The Noticer' :) Sometimes , all a person needs is a little perspective. True of mankind at an individual and collective level.

It's easy to get into an 'auto' mode while navigating through life or at least in the moments one sees as a means to an end. Quite literally the long commutes in places like Mumbai. The crowd , the poor quality of roads and the sheer time it takes are reasons enough to switch off , get annoyed or switch on an MP3 player in a bid to escape the din. Each of these moments has the potential to introduce us to something inspiring , beautiful , insightful , humorous. If we choose to notice.

Recently a friend who traveled by the trains in Mumbai noticed an elderly gentleman switching off the fans in the train when it reached it's final destination. As everyone rushed to get off the elderly gentleman went about his chosen task. Possibly not many people notice what he does (and he does it irrespective of acknowledgement or appreciation ).

The capacity to notice and the perspective is not limited to journeys.It carries through to various life circumstances bringing forth new insights and solutions enriching the world and it's futures.

Take a moment to notice

p.s - Celebrate the Noticers in your life

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Anonymous said...

Yup! Noticed gentle persuader.