Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mall mania

Visited a local mall . These days malls seem to let out the central space for promotions and events. The companies hosting the promotion seem to think the best way to get return for investing in the event is to do so at a decibel level which will reach out to every corner of the mall. What follows then is ear damaging decibel level.

The event at the local mall yesterday was aimed at kids. The health of the children is seriously at risk to be exposed to such decibel levels. The store I was at had glass doors. Yet the sound of the promotion pervaded drowning the sound of the music in the store. It was impossible to browse through other store windows due to the cacophony. This is counter productive for the mall and the stores.

Yours truly asked for directions to the mall office. It was located in a corner of the building. Met the mall manager and shared my views. From her expression and reactions 2 things were clear :

1. This was the first time they (she and 2 other persons from her team ) were faced with the point of view that such a decibel level is a nuisance and a health risk.

2. No visitor to the mall had ever approached them to share such feedback.

In India we see 2 extreme reactions from retail customers - either they will passively endure poor service / quality or they will get extremely aggressive. The mid path of assertive , consistent feedback is seldom adopted.

In many ways we create the environment we inhabit. Pl choose to influence it .


Balu said...

There used to be something called Mela, where people used to come for trade and there was this cone speaker blaring with some filmi songs. Then, came the calm supermarkets with just mild music. Now we have descended back.
“No visitor to the mall had ever approached them to share such feedback.” Not surprising.
The importance of feedback is rarely respected in most of the corporate.
I had been to a diagnostic center recently, the lady in the reception gave a form and said “sir, please fill up this form”. I thought that it is a sort of registration form and started filling my name. But, later to my surprise I found it is a feedback form. I enquired, “I have just entered, how could you expect me to answer a feedback form” and she said, “No problem sir it’s just a formality you fill it”.
There’s another incident in a supermarket, the sales girl gave me a form and showed a place to just sign and write my phone no………… and said “rest we will take care”.

Life Style said...

That is awesome. Great job. Thanks for sharing.

Savitha Rao said...

@ Balu - yes this is a rather common experience in Indian retail. Sadly so.
All the more essential for customers to be assertive and persistent.

Savitha Rao said...

@ Lifestyle - thanks