Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Impulse purchase ?

Visited a mall on Christmas week-end . Went to a dept store to make a purchase. The item was located in 3 mins. Billing took nearly 15 mins . Cash counters were not adequately staffed + the usual 'system is slow today' problem .

Retailers put in lot of effort to stock 'impulse purchase' products. The prospect of waiting 15 mins at the cash counter is enough to deter the most impulsive purchaser.

The obscure we eventually see. The completely obvious takes a little longer !:)


Balu said...

"The item was located in 3 mins" or "Within 3 mins of entering the shop you got the impulse" :-)

Street corner delivers items home on a phone call :-)

The very thought of billing Queue, keeps me away from those large format gocery retail outlets.

Balu said...

street corner shops I meant

Savitha Rao said...

The purchase was a planned one :) Post checkout I saw something I would have liked to buy. But dropped it considering the time it would entail.