Sunday, October 21, 2007

The completely obvious...

My mobile phone has started to malfunction with an regularity that now demands that I investigate the option of changing it . Few days ago I received a mailer from the phone company with an interesting exchange offer . I called them to find out details . All terms were ok except the fact that data on the existing phone can't be transferred to the new one ( except what would be there on the SIM ) . As per the company I could try to sync the old phone to my computer and then move that data to the new phone . After this tortuous exercise all that will be accomplished is transfer of the address book and calender !
When mobile phones are being equipped with esoteric features - camera , net browsing , gaming , email etc in an attempt to provide PC like functionalities - is it too much for phone companies to make data transfer from one phone to another a simple yet safe process ? e.g enable data transfer by means of a cable or memory chip . Make the process password protected to reduce risk of data pilferage .
Does anyone buy a computer and have to even think whether all data from the earlier computer will get transferred or not ? Mobile phones these days have become important information storage devices for most consumers esp business users . The data transfer ideally should be possible across all mobile phones allowing consumers the freedom to switch phones without loss of data . As a start phone companies can at least begin to offer complete data transfer between their phone models .

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