Sunday, October 7, 2007

Gift wrap

The obscure we eventually see . The completely obvious it seems takes a little longer . Words that apply particularly to retail in India .

A small example being the service of neatly gift wrapping a product should the consumer request for it . Most stores in India whether stand-alone stores or department stores tend to approach gift wrapping with a reluctance that is mystifying . Gift wrapping if done well can exponentially enhance the experience and the value for the purchaser as well as the recepient . It can convert 2 people at least into repeat customers if not evangelists . Yet this is ignored by retailers .
This manifests in various forms :
- Packaging of various brands finds it's way to the gift wrapping area . So you could spend megabucks and buy a shirt from brand A only to find it being packed in the box of Brand D . Finally the damage is compounded by wierd looking decorative paper ( this can range from teddy bear motifs to the garish logo/signature print of the retailer ) . Should you choose to go with it your relationship with the recepient of the gift will need mending ( the colleague who receives a shirt wrapped in pink heart motifs may speculate if you meant to covey something other than birthday wishes ! )
- Sorry , we don't gift-wrap
- The gift-wrapping would be done so shoddily that one would regret the time spent waiting for it . And the time that would need to be spent in scouting for appropriate material to DIY .
Retailers in India seem to prefer to pour money into ad-campaigns/promotions to draw customers into their stores. And ignore the opportunity that lies within reach to covert a customer in the store into an evangelist .

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