Sunday, May 11, 2008

Midas Tongue

Watched an episode of a Hindi comedy serial . One of the characters reads a chant . And gets a power whereby whatever he says comes true . At first he is sceptical but as he sees irrefutable (comic) evidence of it he gets alarmed and tries to undo the charm . Prior to the power he could thoughtlessly say whatever he felt like . Post the power he had to be careful about the words he used . Habits die hard . He wants very much to revert to his earlier way of life where he can use words without having to think too much about them. And eventually he succeeds .
If we experience this power what words (and thoughts ) would we choose ?
*we all have this power . Just that we choose not to recognise it or erode it or worse - complain about our life when in fact we are the creator of most (if not all ) of it.

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beautiful title... if you could get whatever you wanted by way of thinking, there would be no zest in life.