Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Service Plus

Stopped at a Cafe Coffee Day outlet . The service was efficient . The tea was refreshing . The environment and ambience provided the time and space for creative ideation . By the time I was ready to leave I was immensely satisfied with the 20 mins I had been there .
On opening the folder in which the bill was placed I found a handwritten note on the bill which effectively said "It was a pleasure to have served you. Thank you ".
Could this experience have been made more perfect ?
As someone who has stayed in hotels across the world I haven't seen any of the hotels or restaurants write a personalised message .
In general the quality of most products has improved . An upward movement enabled by technology . This can be said of services too where technology enables a certain quality of experience . Technology can be easily bought quickly levelling the advantages (excluding cases of breakthrough tech / proprietary tech which are limited . Increasingly the advantages of such tech tend to be for a limited time span) . Yet in the zeal to expand their market share companies focus all their energies on improving the quality of their products and services only . Some of it spent on personalised and creative communication with customers will help create delighted evangelists..and a business that survives and thrives in turbulent times .

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