Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Bought some knitwear at what I consider one of the few retailers in India  that displays some understanding of western clothing for women . The product range (in womenswear ) often offers a good range of stylish options that actually fit well and flatter the wearer . Service that is one of the best in Indian clothing retail and fairly consistent (in my experience) across locations .

A few weeks ago I bought a garment . The garment had 5 hang tags (I’m not making this one up ) .

- a tag 'Wills Classic' printed on it

- another tag "Dryad V-Neck Top" which mentions product description and urges the consumer to read the wash care label on the garment , gives an email id and tel number for feedback and complaints .

- Tencel tag

- Lycra tag

- RFID tag with price details 

One (largish) tag could have effectively communicated all the information without compromising on aesthetics .  2 tags could have accomplished the same objective and given a sense of satisfaction to the retailer that they have clearly communicated the message to the consumer .

5 tags on 1 garment is clutter that negates the purpose for which the tags were painstakingly designed , produced and put on the garment .  

1 or 2 tags  instead of 5 would have been planet friendlier .

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