Tuesday, October 21, 2008

an entirely avoidable drama

Today there was uncertainity in Mumbai , violence in several locations - all courtesy the arrest of Raj Thakerey .
Roads had a deserted look, vehicle and pedestrian traffic was a fraction of the daily levels , several shops , restaurants were closed .By late afternoon there were calls from friends and associates suggesting to close office early and leave for home . While I did not like the idea of doing so as it would cede that much more power to communal forces like the MNS , I felt obliged to offer the option of leaving early to my colleagues . Interestingly they rejected the idea spontaneously . Overall we had a productive day. This unfortunately was not the experience of thousands of citizens and businesses across Mumbai today. 

In a day and age when we need to be thinking not just in nationalistic terms but as citizens of the planet it is unfortunate to see forces like the MNS take a regressive stand on communal grounds . And dissipate the time , energy and resources of the citizens of this country. If the world is some reflection of the collective self then this is one scary image .One that should jolt us into firm action to create Mumbai into a city that the citizens of the world look to for inspiration .

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