Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Everyone does not use Windows !

I use a Macbook . For me it's a fantastic device . With it's intuitive functions it frees me up to work on whatever I need to without having to bother to master the nuances of the operating system or the interface . As a consequence I am happier and more productive in my work that involves the computer .

Bought some data recently . It came in a CD . Only problem is that I can't read any of it because it is designed only to work on a Windows based computer . 

We initiated an account with a courier and transport company . The person from the company came over to install some software that would provide a lot of the information one would normally need . Can't be installed on my laptop because it is designed only for windows based computers .

Companies/websites must factor that all their customers/users do not use a windows based computer . Is a Mac user going to trade his/her Mac for a windows computer ? Very unlikely . Is the business* that chooses to service only windows based computers likely to lose business (of mac users)  ? Possibly .
* especially if it's a generic , mediocre service provider


Anonymous said...

Good one! But I guess in India Mac users are rarer still. (Well, piracy is a big reason why Windows is big in India), so by his logic, he would still cover 99.99 of his customers.

Savitha Rao said...

May the tribe of Mac users grow :) Your point re piracy is valid .