Monday, November 3, 2008

Gift wrap

At a book store in Bandra last week I purchased some books that I wanted gift wrapped . The store had a lovely range of gift wrapping papers as a product for sale . Their range of gift wrapping papers which they offered for free gift wrapping were ludicrous (wish I had taken pictures of both to post here ) . The not-so-subtle idea being that the consumer would take a look at the papers they offered free , reject it and buy a sheet of the lovely range on sale .

Strangely and sadly very few retailers and brands in India understand that gift wrapping -
- represents the brand
- is a service to the customer
- has the potential to turn a sale into a memorable event (and the customer into an evangelist)

In the continuum of the quality of gift wrapping - a brand can delight the customer with exquisite packaging paper . Or be in the neutral zone with plain (but elegant ) paper . Why brands seek to trivialize their product and brand by offering garish options that are out of sync with the brand is beyond comprehension . 

Notice that the reference above is only so far to the paper / material . The next step is the neatness and creativity of the packaging . Again , most Indian retailers and brands don't seem to realize the importance of doing this right .

Lastly , the sentiment with which it is done . Ideally , the gift wrapping section should be a celebration zone . A customer has purchased an item to gift . Hurray ! Ask the customer about the occasion , the recipient of the gift . Customize the packaging to the extent possible . e.g which is the recipient's favorite color ? Would you like the gift to be packed in an unusual way ?

The gift wrapping in most Indian stores is a low end , unskilled job located in some small corner of the store. The individual handling the gift wrapping seems to receive very little training or motivation from the store managers . Most times they learn from customers chiding them to do neater job . 

The completely obvious is so difficult to see ? 

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Neelakantan said...

Love the celebration zone idea. Right now the area feels like a punishment place with all the underperformers staffed there :)