Saturday, December 6, 2008

Happiness is infectious

(Never mind the fact that individually tailored self-help techniques is not the only path or even the path of many leading to happiness. Sometimes the finding of a research and / or the way it is articulated reveals the nationality of the research )

At this point in time reading about happiness being infectious offers hope . It would be a welcome epidemic .

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anand said...

happiness is infectious!!! so are other dysfunctional feelings, behaviours n is thus a resoponsibilty of those who recognise dat happiness is a choice 2spread d sickness(sic)..and2create n sustain a saner, healthier society..

d 'happiness' course was one d most sought after at harvard last year.. yet, it appears being happy starts with a natural disposition supported by an environment dat giggles, laughs n is in splits in d most difficult of times..wen d chips are down, stocks have tumbled, loss of a dear one, jilted, a design rejected, a huge contract lost.. in all dis 2pick up d ropes n start again..dat wud be 'applied' happiness..