Thursday, May 14, 2009

Innovative service

Innovative use of technology to save time for consumers while enhancing the quality of the service.

Clothing brands in India can use such technology to offer clothing consultation services. Often one sees consumers in stores who would appreciate inputs on how to combine various pieces of clothing , what will go well with which piece of apparel etc . Barring a few stores and salespersons - most of the store staff in Indian retail today lack the knowledge to make meaningful suggestions to consumers. The challenges for brands in attempting to provide such a service would be in finding the right persons . Then the compounded challenge of getting the right persons across their various geographical locations , continuous training . Would they be gainfully occupied ? 

With such technology the expertise can be in a central location accessible to all the stores , consumers that would like to use it . It can help differentiate flagship stores from the MBOs (multi brand outlets ).

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kitchu said...

sales man on gents retail outlets are very poor in knowledge they deal with.This was on a GLOBUS show room at chennai to buy a ready made half sleeve shirt,Any questions put forward if it is cotton,pc cotton,poly cot mix ,for each the answer was YES sir, how could so many blends of fabric make a shirt.They only try to escape from the scene on the pretex of going some where.This is a showroom of all mutibrands ,not 1 brand had all the mens sizes.Such retail outlets located in MALLS who could take care of 4/5 brands should be well versed on the product,how it will be useful for CLIMATIC CONDITIONS LIKE summer etc,the only cretiera is they were a TYE with a pale look. BUT if u c the ladies section of clothing and accessiores like perfume- there there r good femaile client realtionship unlike the mens section.