Friday, January 29, 2010

Healing menu

There are a host of home remedies ease/heal various ailments e.g jeera water , ajwain water for stomach ache , ginger-honey , cinnamon-honey for sore throat etc. The list of simple home remedies in India to alleviate pain and heal is long. They are , needless to say, a better alternative to allopathy.

Restaurants can easily offer a selection of such items as part of their menu . It would be a huge help for folks on the move to be able to get home remedies instead of having to resort to medication. For the restaurants it would be quite easy to put together a list of food and drink offerings. Easy to prepare as most of them involve ingredients commonly used in the kitchen.

Much needed expansion in restaurant menus.

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True..Every medicine is available in the kitchen. One should only know how to use it.