Friday, July 2, 2010

Amex - call Airtel

Received a letter with the monthly bill from Airtel . The letter is from the COO for Maharashtra giving his email id and that of the Customer Service Incharge for customers to write in if they are not satisfied with the overall experience with Airtel.

This is a HUGE change from the norm of companies keeping senior managers as far removed from the customers as possible.

Call Amex . One will get the impression that their org structure starts with the BPO person who calls and ends with his/her supervisor. For a company that claims to offer 'Platinum' service their systems , culture and approach sometimes makes govt bodies look intelligent and customer friendly in comparison. The lack of coherence in the functioning of Amex can be best understood knowing that they concoct all offerings , procedures in the absence of customer contact and therefore customer understanding.

One hopes that other companies will emulate Airtel is becoming more accessible to customers.

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