Monday, August 23, 2010

Anonymous recruitment agency

A few days ago the phone in my office rang . Someone from a recruitment agency called.

Caller : Can I speak with 'concerned' person in HR ?
(amused ) Me : Go ahead , tell me the purpose of this call .
Caller : We are a recruitment agency.Do you use recruitment agencies to hire for your company?
(curious) me : No , not yet any way
(Disappointed) caller : oh , ok . Thank you

Apparently this company does not believe in creating new customers. They'd rather jump in a swamp where are pitted against other 'recruitment agencies'.

Recruitment is serious business . If the company approaches prospects this way it certainly does not leave a positive impression about their ability to understand needs and find suitable candidates.

Luckily (for them ) I did not get the name of company :)


Balu said...

The call may be from a marketing research company, surveying how many companies are using recruitment agency.

or may not be

Savitha Rao said...

No :) The caller introduced herself as being from a recruitment agency.

People conducting a survey tend to ask many more questions. The tone and content of such calls are quite different.