Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rewrite bookstores

I love books and bookstores. In most cities I have visited I almost always visit local book-stores. Kinokuniya and Borders in Singapore are particular favorites. New York , London, Paris, Barcelona , Dubai, Chennai, Hongkong, Delhi , Bangalore , Salem , Jaipur , Jakarta...Even located good book stores in Seoul and Tokyo where I found some interesting English books.

Visited Landmark yesterday . For someone who loves books and bookstores I can't relate with the flea market meets warehouse look that Landmark has come to symbolize. Crossword was never a bookstore with depth. Lately , they mostly have paperback copies of popular titles. I suspect it's more a distribution thing rather than a vision related to book readers.

Wondered if Flipkart has me biased towards bookstores . I realized that there are stores I enjoy browsing . There's a small store in a nearby market where books are stacked from floor to ceiling. Yet , there's a charm about the store that makes me want to brave the rain and traffic.

In book retailing - online offers definite advantages like being able to check related titles , reviews, prices , incredibly time efficient. Brick & mortar stores need to offer something more to draw in repeat customers. That more is not adding clutter to the store in the name product range. Relaxing , delightful , friendly ambience with efficient , personalized service. The competition for a brick & mortar bookstore is not another brick & mortar bookstore.



Creative caption.

Balu said...

the mini seats and center tables (library like arrangement) in odyssey and Oxford bookstores are nice