Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Noisy newspaper

The Times of India (TOI) today morning literally created a racket.Volkswagen had attached a noisy contraption in the newspaper to play out some message repetitively.This attempt at gaining attention definitely worked as one had to expend effort to shut the device off. An entirely irresponsible campaign by TOI and Volkswagen.

1. A Volkswagen car is not an impulse purchase that people hearing the radio quality,irritating pitch will rush out of their homes to the nearest dealer.

2. A colossal waste from an eco perspective.Metal and plastic that will land in a dust bin even before the morning is over.

3. The fact that a newspaper is irresponsible enough to allow contraptions to be attached to it can open up ideas for groups wanting to spread terror (a point of view spontaneously put forth by several people who received TOI today).From a newspaper that conducts eco campaigns this was least expected. Just because an advertiser is willing to pay does not mean that TOI should willingly go along.


Balu said...

Good perspective, very much expected from a person who is continously bothered about environment. I appreciated the advertisers out of the box thought, probably the idea could have been used for some other poduct. I am sure it would be a one time affair, if someone repeats it then its stupidity. I am happy to see that most of that device did not go to the dustbin but was kept as monument by many. Now Volkswagen can campaign that every piece that is returned will fetch an X amount. they can collect back and destroy in a Savitha friendly manner.

Anonymous said...

loved humorist Anand Ramachandrans response on his twitter account “Did TOI really think that their readers are so dumb, they can’t read? A print ad with a voice-over that won’t shut up? Where’s my hammer?”.....WHERE S MY HAMMER...????

Savitha Rao said...

@ Balu - thanks :) Yes,Volkswagen should collect the stuff back and recycle it responsibly.

There is a difference between something merely being different to it being thoughtfully created and creative.

Savitha Rao said...

@ Anon - thanks :) Love the quote by Anand Ramachandran. Hope TOI 'read' it :)