Wednesday, December 5, 2007

At a traffic signal...

A few days ago at a traffic signal when my car stopped a young boy approached the car and asked me to buy some stuff he was selling . I told him that I did not need it ( saying no to a child is tough !) . Then he asked me to buy him some food . The signal started to change color . This kid then looked at me and asked “will you promise to buy me food another time ? “ . I was amazed by his question . Here was a young boy of 10 who has lived on the street all his life , hungry , standing on a road in the afternoon heat with no footwear and yet found it in him to covert a disappointment into a promise with a smile on his face .
* This traffic signal situation is probably unique to India .

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very very touching... how a small promise can bring a smile on a child's face.and at the same time you don't want to encourage such things.