Sunday, December 16, 2007

Security Check

While standing in line for the security check at an Indian airport I saw a large board with a list of the people who will not be frisked for security check. It read something like this

1. The President
2. The Prime Minister
3. Chief Ministers of Indian State Governments
4. Governors
24. Sri Robert Vadra when accompanied by SPG (Special Protection Group )

Numbers 1-23 were for officials of the Government , Judiciary ( somewhere in the list was the mention of SPG as being exempted from the check )

Robert Vadra's name in this list is an example of the blatant misuse of power by the Ministry of Civil Aviation . Maybe there's a little paragraph tucked away somewhere in the Indian Constitution that says " the Ministry of Civil Aviation gets to pick one civilian whom they can exempt from security check at the airport " . And the ministry dutifully picked the son-in-law of the self-proclaimed first family of the country for this honor .
( few months ago the media had highlighted this issue esp since the Defence Force chiefs were not on this list )

Once I got over the indignation of seeing this list I thought why is Robert Vadra's name on this list when none of the Gandhi family members are mentioned . It is plausible that Sri Vadra is the sole member of this family who flies commercially ( could be for environmental reasons or reasons that have nothing to do with the environment) . The others would be flying private aircrafts making the need for the name on the list at a terminal for commercial airlines redundant.

One wonders why did they have to do this ? Anyway Robert Vadra or folks like him would get special treatment at Indian airports . In fact you can get VIP treatment at Indian airports ( especially the smaller , regional airports ) if you are male , pot-bellied , wear a white kurta , carry 2 mobiles , carry an air of exaggerated self-importance , known to have political affiliation , famous (especially due to being in or associated with politics) - you could get away with extra-considerate treatment from the airport officials + Indian Airlines / Air India folks . It is the regular travellers who will be harassed at the security check points . Security at Indian airports is a little more than an eye-wash and disguised unemployment.

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