Friday, March 28, 2008


"We understand. We will do our best. We can't /won't however assure when xyz product will be delivered / person will visit your premises (for service issues that require a representative to visit and check the product ) / do what you are requesting for / in the time frame you are requesting " .

With a few minor , semantic changes this is the tailored speech that many company representatives mouth when faced with customer calls to expedite something . To a point where one almost expects to have a pointless conversation on the subject with the company representative . While it may say something about the individual - it says a lot more about the organisation . Does the organisation care to provide assurance to the customer and ensure that they meet the promise ? Sure one may not succeed each time . But the customer will appreciate that here's an organisation that cares enough to try .

The general idea seems to be : No promises made = none broken = service .
A lot of companies seem to view installing a phone line and a person to answer the calls as being service . It is perhaps a necessary but highly insufficient condition (by itself) . Without organisational focus , a culture that supports , encourages employees to walk that extra mile for the customer , recognises (or at least acknowledges) employee effort - the communication with the customer ends up being pointless noise .

A huge opportunity for companies who dare to make promises to their customers and fulfill them (most of the time ) .

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