Wednesday, March 26, 2008


A few months ago I needed a carpenter to complete a project-in-progress ( the 'services' of the architect with zero integrity  and fancy degree from an elite college had to be terminated and hence the 'project-in-progress' ). A young boy who had been in the carpentry trade for a few years was referred by an associate . He came over and spent an entire day to study the pending work and worked out detailed quotes . Eventually that work could not be given to him as we needed someone who could taken on the entire project and not just a part of it . I appreciated the sincerity and detail with which he approached the assignment . And wanted to offer him compensation for it  . He declined stating that this was part of the business and that he would be happy if I could give him work in future . There were some small carpentry jobs at my residence for which I called him . And paid him extra over what he quoted for the work . He asked me if I was giving the additional amount for the earlier quote . Knowing that he would not take it if I said yes I told that this was an advance for some balance work that needs to be completed for which I would call him .

2 days ago he called to remind me that I have paid him some advance . And asked when could he come to complete that work .

It is heartening to see such integrity and work ethic in a world where most folks seem to be scrambling for more while offering less...

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