Thursday, March 13, 2008

Customer has only one gender ?

In an earlier post I wrote that ‘Talent has no gender’ . It seems that for a lot of companies the customer has only one gender – Male

Axis bank (I think it was an Axis Bank ad ) –Tagline  " All men are created equal until priority banking " 

American Express Platinum – all male , macho look and feel to the ads . Communication content and tone that seems directed only to a male audience .

Maruti SX4 – Tagline “men are back”  (from where ? the ad does not say).Women are not expected to buy this car ?

Most airline ads , promotions of the loyalty programs give the distinct impression of speaking to a male customer. 

It is surprising to see the utter lack of communication from companies in these categories that addresses women or (in some cases as listed above) even acknowledges women as being part of the target audience .



The Devil Himself said...

I think if they are not then what is the point in targetting them...
I think coimpanies target decision makers and ultimates buyers of a particular product...I dont think women in India currently are that large a market for such products...few years down the line it maybe so...
I would like to bring to your attention that there are certain ads where women are only guys complain why they are not targted...Oils, Malt based drinks, Health Products, and most of the FMCG products are targeted at the homemaker where the consumers may be males as well...

Savitha Rao said...

You make some interesting points .

The post was more an observation rather than a complaint.

Wrt to the specific category of high value products and services (e.g the Amex card , SX4 car etc ) - the exclusion of women in the communication content and tone is indicative of marketing myopia . The idea should be to actively build a segment rather than wait for it to become large enough and then seek to address it .

Cheers .