Monday, April 21, 2008

David and Goliath

Visted the branch of a large Indian private sector bank to get some documents that are needed at the end of a financial year . Turnover rates being rather high at this bank every year there's inevitably a new set of people to interact with every year . Today's duo made it sound like creating the documents would be a herculean task and a huge favour when it would be finally done. They wanted minimum (repeatedly emphasised 'minimum') 7-10 days for a task which in the past 2 years was getting done in 3-4 days .
Thereafter I visited the dealer of a popular mobile phone brand . The dealer - while he represents a famous brand - is essentially an entrepreneur . His service is exceptional and consistent . There's a personal touch to the service which is sorely lacking in many retail / service establishment these days . To regular customers he offers the option to buy and pay the following day or later by cheque (most folks may not avail of it but it's reassuring to know that the option exists. Can't think of any stores which would offer the facility including Nokia's own stores ) Manages to solve technical problems which the mobile service provider's fancy help line doesn't . There is a proven assurance that one can rely on him in case of any difficulties faced with the phones .
A large bank with employees unwilling to even understand a customer's point of view . And an entrepreneur whose exceptional service brings business and enhanced credibility to a global brand .

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