Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Human billboards

While watching a few mins of the IPL cricket match today I was struck by the visual cacophony in the uniform of each team . Advertising taken to extreme lengths . Each player seems to have 2-3 brand names on his clothing . This is in addition to the team name on their shirts.
Seen as a photo it is less chaotic than watching it on TV . Truly 'brands in motion' .
At the end of the IPL season the players may experience withdrawal symptoms in wearing clothes where the label is on the inner side of the garment ! Plus they may evaluate the garment several times over saying "only 1 label on this garment ? how is that possible ? " . An opportunity perhaps for stylists and therapists to move in and encash on the IPL mania.

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priyank said...

'Visual Cacophony' is the word ! you are so right. Just looking from a color point of view, I am sure they are not going to fight fire. With such 'glam' thrown onto their attire, it is sure that the impact will be lost in the 'noise of colors'- if you call it so.