Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Food retailers are not alone in allowing merchandise to sit on the shelves till they can only be discarded . In visits to some garment manufacturers we noticed the storage areas where garments are stocked . Many of the garments were 2-3 years old . Some produced even earlier . Clearly unsold inventory . Assuming that they were hoping that some of the styles would come back into fashion and could therefore be sold - there's a long wait at the end of which the garment may be unusable . Especially since they are stored without much care (the same garment would survive better in a consumer's wardrobe ). The idea seems to be that as long as the garment shows in inventory it's technically not a loss . It can uphold the illusion that one day it will be sold and at recover the cost incurred in making it .
Donating unsaleable / rejected garments or selling at charitable prices will make a difference to a lot of recepients in India . It would free up space , resources , manpower and energy for the manufacturer .

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