Thursday, February 12, 2009

Green Cement

Cement manufacturing is said to produce approximately 5% of the world's carbon dioxide emissions (that's more than the aviation industry ). Scientists in the UK say that they have discovered a way to make cement that absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere . The creators of this process say that it will also reduce the fuel consumption in the manufacturing process.

We need more of such innovation across industries .


anand said...

green cement is a brilliant large scale effort...strange u have written this blog at the same time when a collaborating outbound trainer was rolling out the oft used paintball..the pellets used were made of sugar cane and the colours were bio degradable organic material..that these men and women are sensitive the smallest of smallest detail to be green sensitive is wow! from the smallest to the biggest turning all to green.. guess its largely an attitude born of cognitive recognition..

anand said...

also look at the work of Shell..way ahead of their move away from fossil fuel to cleaner environmental friendly fuel..good research n good results hopefully..