Friday, February 27, 2009

Why people don't buy...

In recent visits to clothing stores I have returned empty handed . A market researcher viewing from a distance would attribute it to the current economic environment . Fact is stranger than fiction . And reasons for consumers not buying are at times rather basic . 

In some of the stores I visited (brands like Nike , Reebok , Adidas ) I found the ranges to be unassorted , strange fits . And if a style was buyable then the size needed was out of stock . It's almost as though these stores have resigned to the fact that consumers are not going to buy / or buy as much as they used to and therefore not investing enough in relevant merchandise. The belief coupled with inaction becomes a self fulfilling prophesy.

There is no denying that across the world consumers are more cautious than they were a year ago. Now more than ever - a relevant product range , innovation , attentive service are necessary. 


Ghosh said...

Consumers are now value oriented rather then Brand oriented.


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