Friday, April 3, 2009

The Gods wait...

'Retail is our religion , customers are our Gods , the stores our temples. We have to enshrine our customers as Gods in our minds' - CEO , Future Group .

As an occasional God (customer) gracing the temples of Future Group I have been treated in an un-God like manner at the temples :)  Asked to deposit my hand-bag at the baggage counter because it doesn't meet their size specs for a lady's purse (it will be quite a shift for the store employees to swing from treating customers as potential shop lifters to Gods) , chaotic environment , not much help at aisles , check out counter staff not responding to well to the idea of me taking my purchases in my bag (i.e declining their plastic bag). It's therefore a pleasant surprise to hear of the Future Group's initiatives to turn to mythology in an attempt to (among other things ) improve customer service

Let's hope this doesn't become yet another temple where the rituals are revered and the Gods sidelined. 

Waiting for the service enhancing rituals to arrive at my local temple aka Big Bazar :)

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Balu said...

If you are just a visitor in that temple thank god Ok, If you are buyer oh my god, its not easy coming out. Billing Q will remind Thirupathi. In a way the customers are treated like any other God, as we humans treat.