Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Service Oasis

Visited an optician's store today . It's a store we've been patronizing for the past decade . Phenomenal service - efficient , personalized . A visit there is like meeting friends . The product range is terrific too . Though this store is some distance away from our current residence we buy only from this store (it helps I guess that glasses are not a monthly purchase).

There's a watch retailer next door (to the optician). Popped in to see the range . While the product range was quite nice the service was way better . The sales person at the store took the effort to understand the requirement and then showed a relevant range of watches . Normally when I have visited the watch section at department stores in Mumbai I have seldom found a watch I would consider buying . Today , I actually had the delight of options to pick from . What I found interesting was having understood my requirement the sales person presented a whole range of options for it . I enquired about a brand which they do not currently stock . He made some calls and offered to present the options from that brand in a day . He did not focus on selling a particular brand or a price point - rather on fulfilling a need . 

After the tepid to indifferent service (attempt to sell is not service ) at many large retail outlets experiences like these are refreshing.

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Balu said...

Moving from selling concept to Marketing concept has become a common sense, no more a special skill to be learnt only from the business schools.