Thursday, June 25, 2009

2 seasons

The monsoon has finally arrived in Bombay . Temperature has dropped by several degrees. The weather inspires poetry . The sea and sky form an every changing kaleidoscope.

Courtesy 'modern' architecture we are in an office that has only one large window . Necessitating air conditioning even for air circulation and ventilation. With the temperature outside having reduced the air-cons are super effective . Indoors , it feels like winter in a hill-station . Some of us in office are therefore vibrantly dressed in shawls and sweaters . At any point there are 2 seasons - one outside and one inside.

2 seasons...a bit like life . The surface (external 'reality') of life and one's experience of it. 


Mitesh Asher said...

nice thought, Savitha

neelakantan said...

Shawls and sweaters? Clearly time to turn down the AC :))

Savitha Rao said...

Neel , at 24 Deg it's a blizzard . At 25 Deg the AC pretty much shuts off :)