Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What were they thinking ?

The BMC ( Municipal Corporation of Mumbai City ) has announced a cash prize for property tax payers whose children have scored more than 90% in Std X or XII . Possibly the BMC did an extensive and detailed survey which revealed that most of the property tax payers have school going children . And that this incentive would set their cash counters ringing with people queuing up to pay property tax. The BMC has set aside Rs 10 crore of public money for this ridiculous plan.

Next , the BMC will probably announce that on wednesdays the people who show up at the BMC office in yellow colored clothes will be given priority attention re their issues . Something like that would make as much sense as the arbitrary cash incentive for property tax payers whose children score more than 90% in Std X or XII. At least that would not throw public money down the drain.


kitchu said...

10 crores is ok although public money down the drain but atleast - students are benifited comparing with MAYAWATHI spending 1000 crores on her stautes.

Savitha Rao said...

Compared with Mayawati the BMC does appear sane. But she's not a yardstick to follow.

The state of the infrastructure in Mumbai is abysmal. If the BMC had 10 crores of spare change they need to deploy it to provide basic amenities to residents of Mumbai.