Monday, June 15, 2009

Opportunity in a bottle

In a country like India plastic bottles are a relatively recent phenomenon . For years I remember the stainless steel water jugs and glasses used at home . Today , it's a challenge to find a stainless steel or copper water container in the modern format stores. Even more challenging to find a stainless steel alternative to a plastic bottle to use in office or use in travel. Stainless steel bottles / water containers represents an intersection point where the needs of the environment , (health) benefits to consumers and the needs of business meet.

Over the next several days I'll look for the steel alternatives in the traditional stores. Suggestions for stores in Mumbai that stock such products most welcome :)


neelakantan said...

Am surprised that you dont find steel alternatives for bottles. There are quite a few, atleast, here in blore, most of these super/hyper markets have a few of them...

Savitha Rao said...

Hey buy some and send :)

I did think that it would be available in south india. Plan to try some of the south indian stores in amchi mumbai.