Friday, August 7, 2009

Rent a friend

In India one has heard of hiring people to mourn death of a loved one . In China there were cases of women hiring boyfriends to take home during holidays - to ward off pressure from the family to marry. In Japan , people are being hired to pose as friends in weddings. Either way it's unfortunate .As individuals and societies change - it will reflect in various forms . Seeking to hold on to rituals like weddings attended by a certain number of people serves no purpose (other than the enterprising entrepreneur who started the business of 'renting friends').

One wonders about the brides and bridegrooms in locations other than Tokyo who may be facing a similar dilemma on their wedding day without the luxury of a company from whom to rent friends (or those who can't afford such a service even if it is available ).Instead of focusing on the joy of the marriage they would agonize over the unnecessary stress of the guest list. The Japanese are quick to follow new trends. Time to start and promote a trend of private weddings attended only by close family and few friends. It would be easier on the couple - emotionally and financially.

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