Monday, August 10, 2009

Zero baggage

Travel (for many ) involves packing bags of clothes . A new service to be launched in Australia next year will make it possible for travellers to hire clothes for their holidays rather than lug heavy baggage to the airport.

You can book clothes on-line and they will be delivered to the hotel . Quite a radical idea . It would definitely find enthusiastic takers for the sheer novelty of the idea.

Quite impossible to do something like this in India - unless the garment in question is a sari , dupatta or dhoti . Sizes vary across brands . Fits vary within styles of a brand. The brave who attempt something like this in India should keep a spare set of (own) clothes or a few metres of fabric handy :)


cmac said...

We hope that people will use what is local! Connecting people to the place they are visiting becomes much more intimate and meaningful if you can "try on" the culture 'materially'.

Curious to know how others feel.

Catharine MacIntosh

Savitha Rao said...

Hi Catharine , that's an interesting perspective. I think it would work better in places that still retain a certain way of life and culture as opposed to metros .