Sunday, September 27, 2009

An important man..

From this moment on, all the way through to Christmas, the most important man in an Indian woman’s life is not her red-hot sizzling lover; not her boyfriend who brings her bed tea and other goodies; not her daddy or sugar daddy who showers her with solitaires and antique armbands; nor her husband...The most important person in a woman’s life is the local tailor who will stitch her dreams out of brocade, silk and cotton. Oh so true .

In Indian clothing there inevitably comes a time ready made garments are simply unworkable in terms of fit and/or aesthetics. The availability of tailors who can provide styling inputs and a good fit will spur the sale of fabrics. Besides stores retailing fabrics there are several exhibitions where craftspeople from different parts of India showcase their handcrafted fabrics . Sarees , dupattas , stoles which are essentially finished products sell well. There is a regional angle to this. e.g in Delhi the culture of tailoring is much stronger than in Mumbai . The problem of not being able to get a good tailor is more true of Mumbai than possibly other parts of India.

Men have the luxury of a decent fit in ready made garments as well as brands offering 'made to measure' service. There's an opportunity for brands retailing Indian clothing for women to launch a 'made to measure' service marrying the benefits of good style , customized fit , service - creating a loyal customer base and a profitable business .

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