Monday, September 28, 2009

Less Oil

Anyone worried about the world's oil reserves should be invited to eat Indian food in Indian restaurants. They will glimpse the oil floating on the curries . Often one needs to dive past at least a quarter inch layer of oil before making contact with the curry.

Recent attempts at cooking had me thinking that there's a great opportunity for restaurants to pitch on ' great taste less oil ' type of food . Find fun ways to demonstrate that the food indeed has minimal oil / fat content. e.g Invite nutritionists to evaluate the cooking process and the food. This would be a huge draw in most places . Folks are spending considerable effort and money to reduce weight , and in dealing with weight / lifestyle related health problems. With the current quality of food the logical choice for consumers is to cut back on eating out.All things being (reasonably) equal restaurants offering great taste with minimal oil will develop a fiercely loyal customer base.

For the restaurant offering low oil/fat food will mean a reduction in ingredient cost while offering a benefit that would be valued by customers. Win win for all involved.