Monday, September 21, 2009

Nurture spaces

We have many strengths as Indians . Maintaining heritage structures is definitely not one of them. In fact , we have a penchant for bringing the past to the present . Beautiful , distinctive heritage structures are all made to look like characterless , dilapidated urban buildings . Ugly scaffolding , thoughtlessly placed lights , bill boards , graffiti to proclaim your latest infatuation. Hell , we can write a 'how to' book on this .

A beautifully created and nurtured space has a vital role for individuals and a collective. It can be a beacon that inspires joy and hope . Whether a mosque in the sea , a temple , college , neighborhood. Unless we awaken to this fact and preserve (or rather restore ) the beauty and sanctity of spaces we can soon find ourselves in a characterless , urban mass of concrete .

Augurs well for the outward bound tourism industry . Residents of Mumbai will need to get away more often to seek solace and rejuvenate.

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