Sunday, April 11, 2010


Found 3 books on Flipkart which 2 bookstores (one of them being Landmark) I frequent did not have in stock and had no idea when they would be able to supply. I enjoy browsing through books at a bookstore. This has therefore been a category where I've so far preferred to visit a physical store. I must thank the 2 stores for driving me to Flipkart (which a friend had once advised as being a good place to buy books).

The buying process at Flipkart is simple and quick , prices are great . Books above a certain value are shipped without extra charges. This beats braving the afternoon heat to make a trek to the local bookstores , locating the book, spending time at the check-out counter and above all enduring the intolerable decibel levels at the mall.

If the delivery of the books is as great as the ordering - then I'll def be buying a lot more on-line :)

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