Saturday, April 24, 2010

Steel, wood , glass

Indian homes have traditionally used metal vessels and containers to cook n store food. Then along came plastic with it's convenience of being light , colorful , transparent and cheaper for serving and storing food. A few decades later it's abundantly clear that plastic brings with it huge problems of chemicals leaching into the food/water and the larger issue of the non-biodegradability of plastic.

One would imagine that steel product manufacturers would would use this information to inform customers and to market their products . Yet (in India ) in the stores I've visited steel vessel kitchenware does not have any such USP being highlighted. It's just stacked in rows as one of the categories. When in fact steel/metal kitchenware manufacturers can make a compelling case for consumers to completely recast their kitchenware to eliminate plastic. Good for you..good for the planet. (some of the folks dissipating their creative talent in marketing fairness creams can be directed towards helping the steel kitchenware industry )

The water in a steel bottle tastes better , stays cooler. But , steel bottles esp ones that will not leak water when tilted to 80 deg are not easy to find (at least in Mumbai). The best promotion for a steel bottle would be to fill it with water and invert it - conveying quality , convenience , taste and health benefit.

Analogy applies to wood n glass kitchen products e.g wooden cutting board visavis plastic cutting board , microwavable glass bowls instead plastic etc .

Whether or not the steel kitchenware industry revamps it's promotion - pl do shift to non-plastic kitchenware . Remember..good for you...good for the planet.

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