Saturday, April 17, 2010


Communication is a multi-faceted thing . The ability to write clearly , persuasively , creatively -is one form of communication that is an important skill in many lines of work in today's world. Even as citizens and consumers we do / should interact with companies , groups , local media , govt etc . In each interaction the ability to communicate clearly is an undoubted advantage in sharing one's point of view. Technical knowledge in one's domain is of limited help without the ability to communicate effectively. I often see people have the passion , the knowledge which they would like communicate. But are constrained by their inability to do to effectively.

Writing is a skill that should be nurtured from school . Creative essays like write a letter to the earth on how you'll care for it , letter to your parent/sibling/ friend on 5 things you love about them , write a letter to your local govt representative - why we need a garden , regulate traffic near the school , write to a specific brand to reduce plastic (kids are incredibly creative . Once they get the context their letters I'm sure can move the Pulitzer panel ).

As I write this post it occurred to me that schools could actually get children on write on issues that impact them and share the letters as an album (incl. online ) with the relevant agencies.

Whether the ability to write effectively was encouraged in school or not - there is no doubt that everyone should invest time and conscious effort to nurture this skill.

Think write about it :)


Balu said...

“Technical knowledge in one's domain is of limited help without the ability to communicate effectively.”
I am fully in agreement, sometimes
“Ability to communicate effectively without technical knowledge in one’s domain creates abundant help”
When we say communication, not just writing, there are many ways to do - nonverbal, Oral, visual communication ….
Schools should engage students in various activities which could develop all these skills too.
Of course, writing skill is one of the greatest tool (sometimes weapon) and also a distinctively human activity.

Savitha Rao said...

solely human activity :)