Saturday, July 4, 2009

A fine balance in Kutch

Interesting insights by Rohini Nilekani
....Meanwhile, in Kutch, the work continues. Using new technologies and approaches, people are innovating beyond earlier models to create a sustainable water infrastructure. Solar pumps have been installed in some places to compensate for the irregular supply of electricity. New kinds of percolation tanks are being built, new designs tried out for storage and distribution. Local people are being trained in operations and maintenance. Many NGOs are involved in this huge capacity- building exercise. It seems to be yielding social dividends. Quite unusually, in the Kutch villages of Haripar and Karamta, we met strong women leaders who were at the forefront of the discussion, with the men sitting quietly in the back rows. But it will take the strength of the whole village to accomplish the mission they have set for themselves. It is no mean task to convince people all over again to live within their ecological limits.

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Arvind said...

This is the real India. There is lots of wisdom in their logic. They are able to think beyond immediate / personal ends. Their logic is not linear. It is cyclic. Thanks for sharing.


Arvind Kaul